Back to lo-fi: we contribute to Eardrums’ 5-year anniversary comp

It was thrilling to work with a professional producer on our last album. But when our friends at EardrumsPop asked if we’d contribute a song for their 5-year anniversary compilation, I seized the chance to record and mix an Onward Chariots song all by myself, entirely at home, for the first time. I edited very little and mixed as quickly as possible. The result, inspired by first hearing Spearmint‘s indie pop classic “Sweeping the Nation”, is rough but arguably extremely sincere. Enjoy!

Our debut album is complete

The album now has a label – Skipping Stones – and an official release date – January 29, 2013.
A couple of tracks are available for preview here… and more are coming…

…and you can still visit the awesome hypermodern virtual release party!