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  1. Edson X
    August 20, 2012 at 9:54 AM

    Hi ,

    Hope this e-mail finds you well.

    My name is Edson X, I´m a Brazilian producer and am representing MusicDelivery, a sister company of Azul Music Multimedia Ltda , an independent label and publisher established at Brazil since 1993.

    We just released a new service called “MusicDelivery” that I would like to introduce to you as a new incoming opportunity. The performance/neighboring rights in Brazil, regarding public use of music at commercial establishments, such stores (on their in-house sound system), are paid only for the 650 artist most played on the radio stations by our collective society (ECAD). Unfortunately, theses distribution´s amount are based on distorted sample´s reports, that don´t complain the right tracks played. The ECAD assumes that all stores use commercial radio´s systems on their music branding, that is not true. As we know, most of the companies have mkt departments and even commissioned third parties to produce their music selection. So, in the “real world” the stores and commercial establishments use lots of music that are not listed on these radio´s “top 650”.

    To solve this question, we develop a full solution´s service that includes the music branding for the client, customized players, updates and technical support. All music is provide by MusicDelivery without ECAD´s act. Our clearance is direct with the labels, publishers, composer, artists and musicians. So, we can offer many advantages for the clients, between 30-50% off than they usually pay to ECAD for a “generical” use of music. On the other hand, we are able to pay a fair fee for the use of music direct to the right owners. For the licensing of the content, our proposal is to pay 21% of the gross income, with the below share:

    10,5% for the Composers/Authors

    3,5% for the Publisher

    2,92% for the Artist

    2.92% for the Label/Producer

    1.17% for the Musicians

    Please note that this not excludes other incoming to be paid by the collective society, like TV synch´s, radio airplay, etc… MusicDelivery only covers the ambiental music´s issue for only the clients that we deal, as we make specific agreements. Of course, we are looking for music that can be 100% cleared, from talented independent artists, labels and publishers, as we need all authorizations for this use in our country.

    I really would like to listen your work, as I guess that it is very suitable with this project.

    Please let me know

    Best wishes,

    Edson X

    Content Producer

  2. adrian
    November 16, 2012 at 9:55 AM

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